5D Peak Adventure
(Hong Kong)

You are challenged to get up close to mysterious sea dwellers and giants on the ground, explore classified experiments and find out the origin of these creatures in an abandoned laboratory behind closed doors.

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7,000 sq. ft+

Designed and assembled by our top Polish crew, this abandoned laboratory allows you to wander around freely and explore various prehistoric wildlife. You will be tricked into thinking it is a whole different world of many wonders at a different time.

5D technologies with innovative hardware

This adventure brings the prehistoric world to life. It is enabled by 3D content projection on 3-meter high, 18-meter long screens, movement simulation through motion platforms, mutli-sensory effects such as air and water splashes, and multi-channel surround sound systems. 


In one scene, gigantic prehistoric fishes and reptiles swimming gracefully in deep blue sea around you, in the next scene, some not-so-friendly creatures might look straight into your eyes and try to attack you through thin glass. All seem highly realistic, thanks to the cutting edge technologies.